Nottingham Mencap
About Us
We are an independent local Voluntary and Community
Charity Organisation, dedicated to the service of people
with a learning disability or difficulty, and their families
and carers, living in  Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

We were founded in 1950 by parents of children
suffering from a wide range of disabilities. They came
together to support one another in their struggle to
care for their disabled children and to fight for
recognition and services to help them continue to care.

Today, over half a century on, some of those original
parents still lend their time and support but are joined
by parents of later generations. Specialist services for
people with a learning disability have been hard won
and there is still a long way to go in the fight for justice
and opportunity in the lives of the learning disabled.
Our mission Statement
We will look to identify needs and work to enhance the
quality of life of all those with a learning disability and their
carers in the Greater Nottingham area.

We are committed to delivering a comprehensive support
function that is sensitive and appropriate and will work
collaboratively to improve choice and inclusion into the
community of all those it seeks to serve.

Our aims are to:
  • develop an effective and appropriately diverse range of
    quality services with maximum opportunity for access and
  • maximise the use and value of all material, financial and
    human resources available.
  • identify and encourage opportunities for effective
    partnership and communication across wide boundaries.
  • campaign on behalf of people with a learning disability
    and their carers.
  • wherever possible to promote the inclusion of people with
    a learning disability into society
  • use and promote the principles of advocacy.
  • promote disability awareness.
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