Information and Communication
Technology Centre (ICT)

Our innovative computer centre offers many
aspects of computer studies.  

Underpinning knowledge for the NVQ
qualifications is delivered via our own devised
animated PowerPoint slide show presentations,
where students on the work based training
scheme work one-to-one with a work coach to
gain underpinning knowledge for their
vocational area of study.

Other computer studies courses available
include CLAIT and various OCN's, including ICT,
using the internet and email etc.

As with all the training carried out at Nottingham
Mencap, all volunteers will be fully supported on
a one to one basis until competent in a
particular area.  
Information, Advice & Guidance

Advisors are available to discuss
your educational and training
They will signpost you to the
appropriate training provider to meet
your needs.

more IAG information
  • Work-based skills - Preparation for work,
    workability skills, hospitality, health &
    safety legislation, travel training etc.

  • Using transferable computer skills to gain
    accreditations within the CLAIT suite of
    qualifications or OCN accrediations

  • Dedicated ICT centre with sufficient
    desktop machines with appropriate

  • All students will have access to existing
    ICT hardware and software at the
    delivery centre including an Apple Mac.
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& Respite
Social Inclusion,
Health  &
Other Interests
Lifestyle Choices
Learning and Leisure Opportunities